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The Norman Law Firm is different, and our Personal Injury litigation is proof of that. Cases including Automobile Accidents, Slip, Trip & Fall Accidents, Medical Malpractice, or other Damages are a specialty of our attorneys and lawyers. Their understanding of these subjects stems from experience in the legal field as well as the knowledge of private businesses and government sectors alike.

Personal Injury doesn’t stop with physical injuries, but expands to psychological damages and Defamation as well. Our objective as a team is to continually provide superior services and positive outcomes for our clients, but only if they truly need our services. Assisting our clients in determining whether they actually need the service of an attorney is one of the primary benefits The Norman Law Firm provides.


  • Medical Malpractice

    Posted February 23, 2019
    Delaware medial malpractice law
  • Slip, Trip & Fall

    Posted February 23, 2019
    Accidents such as Slip, Trip & Fall are usually covered in the area of Premises Liability. This type of litigation takes place when the injury of an individual occurs on the property of another party that is held responsible. Reparations are always owed, though the degree of the liability responsible differs by the status of the individual, such as an invitee, licensee, or trespasser.
  • Defamation Litigation

    Posted February 23, 2019
    defamation, slander, libel - personal injury lawyers Delaware
  • Damages Retrievable in Delaware through a Personal Injury claim

    Posted February 23, 2019
    What kind of compensation can you receive for an injury claim?
  • Truck Injury

    Posted February 23, 2019
    After being injured in an accident related to the liability of a party driving a truck, tractor, or other commercial vehicle, the repercussions are not only physical, but the mental health of an individual is at stake. The litigation involved in these commercial vehicle negligence cases brings along its own set of distinctive challenges.
  • Auto Accidents

    Posted February 23, 2019
    Delaware Auto Accidents - Personal Injury Lawyers