Damages Retrievable in Delaware through a Personal Injury claim

Accidents cause not only physical injuries but also psychological damages that can be devastating and last a lifetime. Classified as Emotional Distress or Pain & Suffering, these mental damages must be defended and compensated for. Damages that can include Medical & Therapy Expenses or lost wages can be recovered through Compensatory Damages. These are typically more accessible through a court of law because they are easily quantifiable, with documentation. If there was a malicious attack within the Personal Injury claim, Punitive Damages can be issued to the responsible party in order to deter future similar acts.

If you, an acquaintance, or a loved one has been a victim of Personal Injury, whether mental or physical, through the fault of another responsible party, reparations are available. The Norman Law Firm wants to represent you, and help you on your path to recovery. Call our law office today at (302)-537-3788 for your FREE CONSULTATION or email snorman@thenormanlawfirm.com to take further legal action.