Defamation Litigation

A form of Personal Injury, Defamation cases claim that there was an incorrect and improper statement made about the character of an individual. Whether that statement pertains to the individuals profession or ascribes misconduct to their name, Defamation claims allow the victim to receive compensation for physical and psychological damages suffered. 

Defamation Litigation is based off the acknowledgement that "reputation and honor are no less precious to good men than bodily safety and freedom. In some cases they are dearer than life itself. It is needful for the peace and welfare of a civilized commonwealth that the laws should protect the reputation as well as the person of the citizen." Goldborough v. Orem & Johnson, 108 Md. 671 (Md. 1906).

Orally (Slander) or Written (Libel) Defamation, both hold the defendant liable for the statement made, however, Libel Litigations more commonly bring more widespread consequences. When the statements are deemed malicious, Punitive Damages can be issued in a court of law in order to prevent similar cases. While Defamation does not always imply that the individual has been distinctly named in the statement, if that statement would lead any reasonable individual to come to the conclusion of an implication of a specific party within that statement. The claim for Defamation is also considered to be legitimate when the connection made between the individual and that statement is not irrational in any sense.

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