Personal Injury - Free Consultation

Personal Injury and Injury to property cases including injury sustained in Automobile Accidents, Truck Collisions, and Slip, Trip & Fall Injuries due to the fault of another are a specialty of the Norman Law Firm. We have obtained multiple six figure outcomes for our clients in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsalvania, and Washington D.C.

Our staff of seasoned attorneys work hand in hand with our clients to expedite resolution of their cases as fast as possible. After retention of the firm we aggressively begin pushing our clients cases forward. We submit requests for information to our client, gather pertinent facts and other information, and begin our intense analysis to determine our opinion on the expected value of our clients case and the road map for the best way to proceed forward with the case. At the Norman Law Firm our goal is to win every case. This does not mean that we always take cases to court, but it means that we are committed to obtaining the necessary tools including the top expert witnesses in their field, private investigators, travel to critical witnesses, innovative technology, or whatever else is necessary if we assess the case as justifying such resources.

Damages recoverable in a personal injury action may consist of compensatory damages including pain and suffering, future medical or life treatment costs, emotional damages, lost wages, and payment for quantifiable physical injury. Additionally, punitive damages may be available for particularly malicious conduct on the part of the defendant.

If you, a loved one, friend, or acquaintance have been injured in an automobile accident, slip and fall, or other personal injury contact the Norman Law Firm today for you FREE CONSULTATION at (302)-537-3788.