Slip, Trip & Fall

Accidents such as Slip, Trip & Fall are usually covered in the area of Premises Liability.

This type of litigation takes place when the injury of an individual occurs on the property of another party that is held responsible. Reparations are always owed, though the degree of the liability responsible differs by the status of the individual, such as an invitee, licensee, or trespasser. Of those listed, an invitee is always due the utmost level of care by the owner or agent of the property, who is responsible for the inspection of the premises, addressing hazardous settings.

The owner is not solely responsible for the premises usually, with a homeowner’s association or property management company in place, all parties can be held liable. In some cases, a lone individual can be accountable for the injuries that have taken place under their care.

Damages entitled to victims or Premises Liability or Slip, Trip & Fall accidents are not only monetary, covering expenses, but also physical such as the pain and suffering of the parties affected.

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